What role does optimization play in your conversational growth strategy?

This is defined as a business’s potential to be successful based on revenue, profit sustainability, and project management. A common business owner misconception is thinking more traffic is growth—or perhaps more traffic will bring in more revenue. Not all of your website’s pages are going to rack in the same numbers. But there are some pages where you’ll need the most conversions—and that’s where you should start optimizing. For every test the business runs, it must consider different types of customers and their journey pre- and post-purchase.

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In contrast, the product-led model is built for a large TAM where you can scale rapidly. Before we dive into which GTM strategies might work best for your business, you need to understand your market conditions, competitive positioning, ideal customer, and product offering. You’ve got great content — it’s time to make sure people see it.

Activity: Make a decision on your growth strategy

You can attract a broader market and profitably service more customers than competitors with a top-down selling strategy. Doing so spreads your revenue among many customers, and losing one customer doesn’t cause a painful blow to your revenue. When using a top-down selling strategy, your sales team targets key decision-makers and executives. Typically, these deals include large product rollouts throughout an entire business.

Customer success actively looks for ways to help customers succeed. Many SaaS companies spend thousands to acquire new customers. But when it comes to spending money to keep those same hard-earned customers, they won’t open their wallets. Prioritize sales efforts by knowing which trial or freemium accounts are more likely to convert. Maybe your customer forgot to cancel their subscription. There are countless reasons, some of which are out of your control.

What does a content compass helps organize monthly initiatives by?

It’s your opportunity to provide value to your leads and customers and help them grow with your business. Today, conversations happen over a variety of channels à social media platforms, chat, messenger, etc. EY-Parthenon is a brand under which a number of EY member firms across the globe provide strategy consulting services. Is your organization’s strategy optimized for reaching its revenue and margin full potential? While there is no panacea to achieving success, EY-Parthenon’s proprietary diagnostic framework, the Full Potential Paradigm, can help lead you on the path to a strong strategy.

The good news is that products are becoming smarter. We have the technology to build software that can react to what a person wants or needs at any given moment. We have the data—and storage is now cheap enough—for this to become a wide-spread reality. PLG is all about harnessing the contributions of your whole company to build better, stickier products—it is not about creating an autocracy.

That’s because SEO is about getting your content seen by the right people, and good content is engaging and informative enough to warrant attention. One way to participate in off-page SEO is using HARO . It is a service that connects journalists with what role does optimization play in your conversational growth strategy sources for their stories. The journalist will write referring to you and linking to your website. So, by signing up for HARO and responding to relevant requests to your business, you can earn valuable backlinks from high-authority publications.

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