The Best And Most Chaotic Way To Play Puyo Puyo Tetris

Sadly, there don’t seem to be many people playing in the online Puzzle League right now. For now I’ll stick with local multiplayer which is so much fun that I don’t particularly mind not battling against internet randoms. I thought things were going to get progressively tougher as I pushed further in, and they do. It took me some time to get used to using skills and even now I know there is room for improvement. Each character has a skill that can be called upon during boss battles.

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I love the new mechanics and the faster-paced nature of the stages here. Also while it wasn’t promised or even hinted towards, I still wish OlliOlli World wasn’t done yet and we could see more from it. Hopefully the team is working on a full sequel using this as a base. Amitie, Arle, Carbuncle, O and all favorites are back, and this time there is trouble when tetrominoes start falling out of the sky.

  • Everything needs just a little bit of edge and, if you don’t count all those girls grunting, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 has no edge.
  • The online play itself is nearly flawless, though it isn’t uncommon for players to be dropped before matches begin.
  • Very easily could have an Event every month between Themes for new releases, Themes for old releases they didn’t have Events for, catch up Events, & competitions to keep people coming back.

This meter is especially noticeable when a Tetris combo is in play; if enough power is built, the meter begins to overlap itself with yellow, then red. Significantly high power is represented on the Puyo side with a warning icon and chime after each power-adding move. If Puyo combos are cleared during the Tetris power storage, the Puyo attack can be weakened or even nullified immediately if enough power has already been stored. For Tetris, blocks known as tetrominoes drop from the top of the screen in various shapes. The goal is to rotate them and then drop them down to form a solid line.

Block party: Nintendo’s 99-player Tetris is savaging my self-esteem

PPT2PC is an option as well, however the base there is more a fraction of the PPT2SW community, so you may not find matches as quick as you’d like. As mentioned, the community is either on PPT1SW or PPC, and I’m guessing the only players on PPT1PC would be uninformed players and pro players looking for nostalgia. Most of the community is on Switch, and Puyo players are over on Puyo Puyo Champions instead of PPT.

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Requires you to increase your mana, health, attack power, defense and other parameters. Available in a variety of competitions including battle mode, recovery mode, erasing mode and more. You can team up, equip yourself with additional items, etc. Expert mode is present, which gives you rewards, unlocks heroes, etc., as well as 150 tutorials to help you thoroughly master the mechanics of the adventure. Love that you can play with people next to you or far away.

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